Magic Kingdom

A long time ago, in a magic and obscure land, monsters and terrible creatures terrified the world, where the most powerful were the dragons, masters of magic. Holders of great wisdom and knowledge, they considered other races futile beings. Ambitious, they had the major treasure of the Middle Earth. Often assaulting caravans and castles, they got everything and carried to their homes far from reality. It was nearly impossible to tame those beasts. Dragons meant death.

The strength and sword ruled that savage land. To survive you have to be the best. However, there were places where peace still reigned, and love was everywhere. There, passion and truth ruled. Red Lion Kingdom was one of these places, the most prosperous kingdom situated in southern Middle Earth. Everything was beautiful and delicate.

Unfortunately, on a rainy night, bad news came from Red Lion Kingdom. The wicked Urmiot, one of the masters of witchcraft and perhaps the most powerful wizard, attacked the king’s castle. Nobody could believe it, but Urmiot was riding a huge scarlet dragon. Flying from the clouds, the monster, in a single action, took a deep breath in and then out, blasting fire towards the castle.

Part of the castle burned in fire. The king’s troop didn’t expect something like that; so many soldiers turned and flee in fear. Then, the dreadful dragon struck the major tower of the castle with its long tail. The king cried in agony with pain. In that tower was his daughter, Niasha, the princess of Red Lion Kingdom.
The sight of her body in the middle of the wreckage was dramatic. The princess was helpless. So the dragon turned sharp to the princess. The silence reigned at that moment and everything stopped. That loathsome being held the single body with its murderous claw.

The eyes of Urmiot shone and then he said “Now, I have the most precious jewel in the world !”. After saying that, he closed his eyes and said some words in an ancient language. The dragon, the princess and himself disappeared a few seconds later, as if they were never been there.

The last hope of the king was near the Cristal Lake, where the White Tower was located. Cristley Linx, The Fearless, and his followers lived there in great harmony. Ranked the best warrior of the known world, he was the king’s knight. After receiving the request of help from the king, Cristley prepared himself for the long and dangerous journey to the hell named Urmiot.

The young knight left his tower and below many nights of tiredness mounted on his horse, he reached the Dark Mountains. The green eyed warrior glanced through that dead land and them stared at the awful stronghold for a few moments. The day was foggy, so he wielded his sword towards the sky and said loudly “Urmiot! Listen! I’m here to take the princess home, and you won’t stop me!”. So the blade of his sword started to glow. This sword was a magic weapon given as a present by an old wizard. Cristley knew that.
A sinister scream echoed from the stronghold. Suddenly the huge gate opened and the scarlet being went out to attack the blonde warrior. Cristley Linx glared at the dragon and pushed on towards the wild beast. The brave fighter slashed wildly with his sword, and after many attacks, the dragon fell down. Cristley was really hurt, but alive.

Inside the stronghold he looked for the princess, and only found the scared lady in the deepest and loathsome dungeon of that place. Gently he took the princess in his strong arms and left that dark stronghold. No creature dared to stop the warrior. Every corner of that place was quiet. Urmiot wasn’t there, but Cristley knew that the witch was watching his actions.

Indeed Urmiot was doing that from somewhere in the Middle Earth. But he wouldn’t do anything against the young man, because he knew that something in the fighter’s soul was too powerful to be challenged. With no limits to be measured. And that was called love.

The End? …Who knows?



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