Like a Ghost

You were just like a ghost
A strange silence involved you
Eyes that meant nothing but emptiness
A distant look to nowhere into infinite
Showing me sadness in your single smile
Revealing the chilly feelings into your heart.

You were nothing but a blur image
Roaming on this world of illusions
Neither real nor a picture that I touched
Just a lonely soul, lost in the mists of passion
Emotionless, waiting for the answers to your doubts
Waiting for dreams that might never come true
Watching as time passes by, slowly you closed your eyes.
Your life is running out, and you just don’t care anymore.

You became then a shady past
Disappearing in the deep of my memories
Leaving in my heart the painful marks of love
I was condemned to suffer alone in this fake reality
Listening to the endless and wiping melody of your voice
Wishing to change the direction of all my acts.

You once were my love
Everything I could dream, I had in you
The light you carried, I’d follow till my death
The love I had was more than you could ever had imagined
The life I lost was just one more to be doomed
I was just a sad wanderer in a world of lies
Lost in times of deception, afraid of loving again
I was just a dreamer searching along for a broken heart
Now I’m just myself. I’m just a shattered image in the mirror.

These words could be my future. Who knows?
These could happen and I’ll never know the truth
I know that life is still burning inside me
But this may never be true, as long as I’m with you.


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  1. Toda forma de amor vale a pena.

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