why can´t i believe
this life is so short
why so much wasted time?
i am in a lose spin
i don´t know if i can trust you
these doubts in my head
they´re just driving me crazy

why can´t be you
to show me what´s love
why so much haze in around?
i am scared and sad
what can i do spare you
from the pain that i feel
and the emptiness of my soul

the night is fading away
more stars are falling apart
this fear is taking me over
i can´t hold from shaking
the look in your eyes, it makes me shiver
and it feels like waking up from a trance

i run away from you
but again and again, i can´t resist you
the world explodes in your lips
there´s heat in your touch
but it seems to deceive me
it takes me over and over
i can´t find a way
i am falling
till now.


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