War cry

From the darken skies above
Moonlight breaks through
Perhaps for a last time
A great storm is closing in
The night has finally come
With thundering bolts
Coming from the clouds
Unknown powers are near
Strong energy unleashed
Wind blowing on the hills
As rain starts falling down
Washing the cracked earth away
Into the river of fear
From where there´s no way back

The warrior held its pace
Trying to recover his breath
But the air is so dense
The torrent was over him
What exactly did he embrace?
How this could be happening?
Confused thoughts messing his head
A flash of thunder blinded him
And the warrior halted
Laying down his sword
Loosing a broken shield
His armor is a burden
He can feel it
Heavier than his blame
Almost unbearable
He was brought to his knees
So hard to reach his senses
The pain is coming
But there´s no way back

And alone out there
He stood still for a while
From the top of the mountain he stares
To the battlefield ahead
In a sea of bloody corpses
Where his companions all lay dead
There´s no life but a shivering silence
The chants of war still echoes in his mind
All the prayers were just left behind
He is raging inside
Nothing but pain is in his heart
Nothing but hate is in his eyes
He fought hard
Body and soul held deep in hell
And was alive
Yet he had fell
Still alone and cursing
There must be a way back

Creepy darkness had come
Bringing war ghosts,
Wraiths and night creatures
This land is an open graveyard
A lightning struck the ground
A scent of fear was in the air
The gods have protected him
But that wouldn’t be enough

At midnight the wolf cries
Above the desert the beast flies
Breaking the silence of death
An eerie scream echoed
Like evil bestial verses
The wreckage, the ruins
The solitude and dismay
No one is around
At least no one alive
But the lost souls
The ones who dwell in the shadows
They are lurking around

His eyes seek out the danger
Something is not right
Who´s the prey?
And he can feel it
But he´d lost his faith
Something is glowing
He can watch it close
Is it his fate?

The warrior is alive but hurt
For his wounds can´t be healed
His body is bleeding
His soul is burning
He takes his bow
And aiming to the sky
He fires a flame arrow
Another lightning strikes closer
A golden energy flash suddenly bursts
The last war cry was uttered
Time was stopped
Nothing can be seem
No sound can be heard
A warm feeling takes over his body
The relief has come
Vital energy diminishes
And now he realizes
That there´s no way back
And no way out.

Lone warrior

Lone warrior

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