Broken dreams

Last night I had a dream
You were alone in the dark
And you seemed so scared.
Darling, how I wanted to hold you!
I needed you to come back
But I couldn’t reach you
You were so distant from me
Maybe I was too blind to see.

And I was still asleep
You were looking beyond
Standing tall like being a fake
I was just wandering around.
My love burning out of control
This passion consuming my soul
And all that you did was flee
You were so lost to believe me.

I woke up shouting for you
I was sweating in the dark
Heart beating fast and eager
And you were gone, with part of my heart
And you can’t imagine how I missed you
I was crying alone for you
You left me feeling cold
And I couldn’t even hold you
You could not hear my suffering
You could not feel my pain
You could just left me broken dreams
Walking away during my sleeping.

Looking at you an emotionless girl
Never knowing the truth inside of you
Never showing up your real feelings
Smiling through countless tears
Hiding the deepest of your fears
You dream of all that you ain’t
And all that you’ll never be
Not aware of the love inside you
Losing the bright inside your eyes
Living each day filled with your lies
Never knowing the power of desire
Never knowing ‘cause you don’t even try
Insecurity and fear of devotion
Fear of loving and felling passion
You aren’t what you showed me
You’re pure deception, you’ve deceived me.

Although, my love is still the same
Since the first moment you came
I know I won’t regret my words
Neither this bleeding heart in my hands
Knowing our love will never end
You’ve let me down again
It was all you fault, all your blame
You were nothing but my shame.

Why didn’t you let love flow into you
And feel like being lost in heaven
And feel like flying away
Dreaming gently in my arms
Being completed by myself
Why didn’t you said you loved me
If that was what you felt
And hold me forever and ever
‘Cause I’d never let you go
Unless you wanted me to do so
Why didn’t you just silenced me
With that tender look in your eyes
And showed me all that we had
Mate blessed souls, loving blessed hearts.

I’m nothing without you
So please listen what I say
My love is all that I can give you
Stay by me, and never walk away
Shall I say all again and again?
My dear babe, don’t you know I love you?



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