Staring at you

I stare at you walking alone in the dark
But you seem not to hear my call
I try to reach you but you’re too far
Just far enough to forget who you are.

I close my eyes and then I hold my breath
Cold tears roll all over my face
My dreams are breaking apart
And pain is filled all over my heart

Nothing seems to change over the time
You can’t see what you’re doing to me
Can’t think how things are getting worse
And everything is fading like a single red rose.

Your voice is so indifferent to my feelings
The way you speak so unconcerned to me
You don’t even worry about it, as I just wait
Pain over my heart, I guess it’s just too late.

Touching your body I pray for salvation
Burning tanned skin in contact with mine
Pleasure mixed with pain, I’m lost and perplexed
Delightful sensations spreading, leaving me confused.

I wait for you out there in the darkness
Your image is all I can see, it´s all I believe
I cry lonely in this suspicious strange twilight
Forgive me, my lady, but I just can’t stand this fight.



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